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About Me.

Being around racetracks from a young age, I was destined to hit the track myself!

Motorsport is in my blood...

So, flashback to the early 2000's when my Mum and Dad met through Motorsport. Being at the race track with them, the petrol and motorsport bug cemented itself at an early age!

Both my Parents and my Gramps raced, so as soon as the time was right, I made my jump into Motorsport.


I have no previous experience in karting or cars so this has been a big learning curve for me, especially up against other competitors who have karted since the age of 4! 

2022 saw me finish my first full season of racing with the JSCC and went from finishing in the top 20 to finishing within the top 5, an achievement I am very proud of. 

My next goal is to get on that podium, and with the brilliant Westbourne Motorsport, my family and sponsors behind me, its definitely going to come soon... Bring on 2023!

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