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Motorsport is expensive,  from the maintenance of the car, to the tyres we race on. To continue to make my dreams a reality, I need support from companies and brands who want to support me.

We can offer our Partners great coverage over social media, through my Facebook and Instagram channels, with mentions before, during and after every race. Social media is king, bringing your brand to new people all over the world.


My race overalls are a blank canvas, making them a great advertising board for your brand, perfect for your logo.

And then we get to the car, the biggest billboard of all. We are lucky with the JSCC in that they have great coverage and Photographers love taking pictures of the car! Twin that with the Live Stream at our races and your brand gets shown live to a huge audience.

We can also offer complimentary tickets and hospitality to a race of your choice, so you can get into the action and be part of our team. 


We would love to talk more about how we can bring your brand to new followers. Please use the contact details below, or download my sponsorship proposal on the link below, which you can print off and view at your convenience.

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